What Pfizer says about volunteering with Citizen Schools...

Citizen Teacher Alumni from Pfizer recently shared their thoughts about their experience teaching apprenticeships in New Jersey.  Check out what these amazing volunteers have to say below.

Valentin Tarasenko: “I saw a huge transformation in some of the students from beginning to end. The boys were very timid at the beginning, at the end, they showed a vast improvement in attitude, were very positive about their accomplishments, and exhibited a sense of pride.”

Adam Schwab: “I was very impressed with the organization's model overall. It was very structured and organized.”

Agber Ifan: “Not only were the students transformed, but so were the volunteers. At the beginning we were timid, but throughout the session we became more aware of school needs, more aware of the educational process, and what it means to get kids engaged.”

Darren Shultz: “At first we were worried about whether we were going to be able to do it, but we were greatly encouraged by the staff at MLK. We had a lot of access to Citizen Schools teachers; they were very responsive. The experience was very enjoyable.”

Maria Tafurth: “The structure was very helpful. The staff member helped us before, during, and after the apprenticeship session.”

Al Pichieri: “It was a great experience. It makes me want to go back to teaching. I primarily worked with the three girls in the class. They really opened up at the STEM WOW! and were able to answer all the questions articulately! They showed such a sense of accomplishment. We were very proud.”

George Sienkiewicz: “Everyone enjoyed the experience so much that the Pfizer attendance kept growing throughout the semester. People at first thought they were only going to come to a few sessions and then started showing up every week because they wanted to!”