Welcome Back to School!

5815617808_a53421e9c6_oWe're going back to school! AmeriCorps members, aspiring teachers, and Citizen Teachers are venturing into another year of expanded learning to provide more enriching experiences to students across the country with the support of our great partners.

Our collaboration is ready to impact the lives of 5,098 students at 29 public middle schools in seven states. We are launching many new school partnerships this year including Quail Hollow Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina, Chancellor Avenue Elementary School in Newark, New Jersey, and William Monroe Trotter Innovation School in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Our California region expanded to Greenleaf Elementary School in Oakland and William Sheppard Middle School in San Jose. We also opened two new school partnerships, in Chicago, Illinois, Carter School of Excellence and Chase Elementary School. Welcome to the Citizen Schools community!

Thanks to a generous increase in support from AmeriCorps, 261 Teaching Fellows are serving in the longer school day, the highest number of Teaching Fellows since the organization was founded in 1995. After weeks of training, the Teaching Fellows are beginning to meet with new and returning students and are eager to start the year with success.

“Coming back as a second year Teaching Fellow, I feel like I am more prepared for the classroom and to best support students. I’m really excited because I know what’s ahead of me this year. I know how many exciting milestones there are for my students and also myself.” said Eric Saindon, a Teaching Fellow serving his second year in Massachusetts.

11242144483_ff6c89a366_o (1)Citizen Teachers are gearing up to head back to school too. They are completing their training and are getting ready to open young minds to fascinating projects and career pathways. Volunteers will teach apprenticeship courses in 14 diverse categories including marketing, cooking, robotics, gardening, sports management, engineering, and many more.

NASA Citizen Teacher Dr. Baraquiel Reyna shared heartwarming insight into the power of volunteering in Houston. “A 6th Grade female student walked up to me after answering some review questions and with bewilderment in her eyes she said, ‘Dr. Reyna, I didn't know that I could be good at science!’ I was on Cloud 9 for the next two weeks (and still to this day) thinking about that afternoon.”

Every day, our school partners, AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows, aspiring educators, and community volunteers make a difference to middle school students across the nation. The expanded learning day is utilized to help students discover their dreams and achieve more than they ever thought could happen. Lives can change when strong partnerships engage each day with passionate dedication and we couldn't do it without your support. We hope you have a great year and welcome back to school!