VIDEO: What Is The Most Rewarding Part Of The Teaching Fellowship? Michelle Carter was born and raised in North Carolina, and moved from Chapel Hill to serve in Citizen Schools' National Teaching Fellowship at Irving Middle School in Boston.

"I really liked how they give students the opportunity to learn about careers and expose them to it in middle school," she says. "Just the opportunity to teach and give back really led me on this path to come to Citizen Schools."

She's aware that she's making a difference every day. "A lot of the students that I work with, they don’t really value themselves. And just being there to listen to them, work with them, encourage them even when they’re having a bad day. Like, 'What’s going on?' That really means a lot to them, to have somebody in their corner supporting them every day. I think it makes a huge difference in their life."

And the benefit is mutual. "You definitely gain time management skills, organization skills, working on a team, cooperation. You gain skills in just about every professional development realm. Any path that you want to take after Citizens Schools, the Fellowship will help you with. It really prepares you for the real world."

Teach, serve, and grow with Michelle for the next two years--you'll make a lifetime of difference.

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