Teaching Fellow Alum Spotlight: Tiffany Harrell

Tiffany Harrell was a Teaching Fellow at Woodson Elementary for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school year. She decided to join Citizen Schools because of her dedication to serving students from high-need communities. Growing up in Chicago she witnessed first-hand how having extra learning opportunities can really make a difference. She shared with us,“I joined Citizen Schools because I wanted to give students resources like having great teachers, encouraging mentors, and an opportunity to learn.” She continued, “ Throughout my time at Woodson, there was one moment that helped me continue my work. During my first year in the classroom, I became frustrated with my students. After class, one student came up to me to apologize for his behavior during class and asked me not to leave because of it.That moment kept me going for the entire two years of this program.”

Tiffany now works with 8th grade students at a Chicago public school. As a high school transition coordinator, she is continuing her passion for 8th to 9th grade transition work.