Supporting Gotham City's Real-Life Superheroes

AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows are the superheroes of Citizen Schools' daily program. They support our volunteer Citizen Teachers in apprenticeships and assist with lesson planning. They facilitate family engagement in the school community. They work one-on-one with students, teaching them crucial study skills and connecting in-school learning with out-of-school opportunities. They partner with community organizations in morning partnerships that connect Citizen Schools work to complementary programs. And many of them do all of this while completing a Master's degree in out-of-school learning through Lesley University. Paying for such a comprehensive program is no small feat, either, but Teaching Fellows in New York City have a superheroic trick up their sleeves. The Teaching Fellowship there is underwritten by our trusty partners at MetLife Foundation.

"In the recent MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Collaborating for Student Success, 80% of both teachers and principals say that connecting classroom instruction to the real world would have a major impact on improving student achievement," notes Dennis White, president and CEO of MetLife Foundation.

"Citizen Schools, its Teaching Fellows, and volunteers demonstrate every day in imaginative ways exactly how that can be done, and their students WOW us with the results."

MetLife Foundation provides the financial resources needed to ensure that Citizen Schools can focus on the important work of putting students on a path to college and career success with the best possible Teaching Fellows well-prepared to mentor New York's future finest. By supporting our Teaching Fellowship, the Foundation invests in students' success in building a pipeline of quality, high-impact educators to deliver hands-on cape needed.