Results Driven

In 2001, Citizen Schools commissioned Policy Studies Associates to conduct a rigorous, third-party evaluation to examine the program’s long-term impact.  We’ve used annual progress reports to help us understand how our work makes a difference for students and, where appropriate, improve our programs to better serve current students. The seventh and final report of this nine-year evaluation was published in August 2010.

“Overall, this final report shows that participation in Citizen Schools not only helps middle school participants make the transition to high school more successfully than their peers, it also shows that program participation has long-term benefits, contributing to the successful completion of high school.” – Policy Studies Associates

Key Findings:

1. Former participants attended school at significantly higher rates than did matched nonparticipants in every grade of high school. 2. Former participants were more likely to pass math and English Language Arts (ELA) courses in high school. 3. Former participants earned proficient and advanced levels on math and ELA state assessment tests at significantly higher rates than their matched peers in high school. 4. Former participants graduated from high school at significantly higher rates than their matched peers.