Priya Jain, Citizen Teacher: Video

Priya Jain is an architect with Goody Clancy. As Citizen Schools has had a long relationship with Goody Clancy and the City Building WOW! competition is held every year, she had seen many colleagues teach apprenticeships, but had never taught one herself. Until this Fall - Priya taught architecture or city building to a group of students from the Irving Middle School in Roslindale, MA.

The assignment for the city building competition was broad - come up with a sustainable design project. Priya, her Teaching Fellow support CJ, and her team suggested that the students build a 'cafe of the future' and the kids jumped all over the idea. The students were learning and having fun, but Priya worried about their shyness. To her amazement, they fearlessly explained their designs to an audience of adults at the city building WOW!. One student, John, was able to grasp a difficult program, Google SketchUp, overcome his shyness and masterfully show their designs to the crowd. Priya brought out the best in her students by giving them an opportunity to shine and you can do the same, by becoming a Citizen Teacher!

Watch Priya's journey here.