Money Matters with Bank of America

For years, Bank of America employees have volunteered with Citizen Schools students teaching financial literacy and other skills through apprenticeships across the country, often using curricula developed by the bank.  This semester, volunteers are teaching five apprenticeships in Massachusetts and North Carolina, on topics ranging from starting a business to living “green.” Earlier this month, however, two volunteers in Texas tried something new and now parents are in on the action! Jesse Escalante and Sandra Cuadra, both Bank of America employees, met with a group of Citizen Schools parents at Jane Long Middle School, a Citizen Schools expanded learning time partner in Houston, TX, to lead an interactive budgeting lesson aimed at increasing participating parents’ financial management skills by preparing a personal spending plan and identifying ways to decrease spending and increase income.  Through the sessions, taught in both Spanish and English, participants learned some of the basics of money management, including tracking and decreasing spending, preparing a budget, and setting financial goals.

“It was exciting to see parents discussing tips and ideas on budgeting and saving money,” said Kathryn Nash, Director of Civic Engagement at Citizen Schools Texas. “Our Bank of America volunteers helped parents think through specific steps they could implement at home in order to help them meet their future financial goals and the parents in attendance were very grateful for the individualized support and guidance.”

Many thanks to Bank of America, a Citizen Schools National Leadership Partner, for their continued support and direct engagement in this important work!