Fidelity Investments Teams Up with Citizen Schools Nationwide

Citizen Schools is thrilled about its national collaboration with Fidelity Investments, Lead National Partner for 8th Grade Academy (8GA). The partnership will expand our 8GA program and help thousands of students attain the skills they need to transition to high school, graduate, and succeed in college.  

Sheila Cavanaugh, Fidelity Investments' Sr. Vice President of Community Relations, and Eric Schwarz, CEO of Citizen Schools share about the impact of this relationship.

Eric Schwarz:

The relationship between Citizen Schools and Fidelity goes far beyond typical definitions of corporate philanthropy - we have truly forged a multi-faceted, mutually beneficial partnership. Our shared vision of increasing opportunity for our young people and fueling the success of our country, and our results-driven approach to our partnership, drives us to collaborate deeply around on-the-ground, hands-on programming for our students and big picture policy issues.

Sheila Cavanaugh:

The longevity of our relationship with Citizen Schools is especially unique, allowing us to expand, innovate, and mutually deepen the partnership through strategic employee engagement. We are working tenaciously to identify specific ways to instill a mindset of "what's possible" in eighth grade students though college and career exposure.