Fidelity Hosts 6 Degrees New Mexico

Last Friday, December the 2nd, at Fidelity Investments in Albuquerque, about 30 students from both Van Buren Middle School in Albuquerque, and De Vargas Middle School in Santa Fe, New Mexico met with 30 volunteers from Fidelity Investments (15),  local law firms (and law students), local non-profits, a veterinarian clinic, Bank of America and the Pope Joy Hall Performance Center at the University of New Mexico.

Students and volunteers participated in Speed Networking, each student/volunteer spent 4 minutes conversing before the students rotated to a new volunteer. At the end the students put their business cards in a fish bowl drawing where three students won prizes donated by Fidelity. There was a 20 minute free mingle time to finish the event where students could talk further to someone they already met or introduce themselves to someone they did not get an opportunity to meet during the speed networking portion.


Volunteer Ben Lewinger from Albuquerque Reads and the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce had this to say about the event,

"The Citizen Schools 6 Degrees event was a great opportunity for students to ask uninhibited questions about various educational and career paths, and a great opportunity for volunteers to share what they do and where they've been...and witness the excitement and maturity of some of New Mexico's up-and-comers.  Both groups learned a lot from each other and about themselves."

Leean Kravitz, the Director of Public Affairs at Fidelity concluded that,

“Participating in an event like 6 Degrees really brings home the impact of what Citizen Schools does to help students see their potential and plan for their future".