Education News Weekly Roundup

The Education News Weekly Roundup is brought to you by Holly Trippett, the Public Relations Intern at Citizen Schools and a senior at Emerson College studying Marketing Communications. Citizen Schools News:

  • News and Observer - 3/4/12 – 450,000 Await Volunteer Positions – Citizen Schools is mentioned as an organization that works with national service volunteers in Charlotte to help close the achievement gap.
  • – 3/8/12 – Roslindale Schools Get Creative for Fund-Raisers – Citizen Schools is mentioned as the location for the second annual fundraiser for The Washington Irving Middle School on March 23.

Education News:

  • Houston Chronicle – 3/2/12 – Students Need Longer School Day to be Competitive – This article discusses the need for successful and cost-effective strategies that will work to reform education, including extended learning time.
  • New York Times – 3/3/12 – Confessions of a “Bad Teacher” – A Brooklyn teacher’s interesting reflection on his teaching evaluation from the state and how the label of being a ‘bad teacher’ has affected him and his students.
  • Washington Post – 3/4/12- Education Must Move Center Stage in the Presidential Election – An opinion piece by Joel Klein, the chief executive of New Corp.'s education division, on the importance of including education in the presidential campaign, something few candidates have done thus far.
  • Chicago Sun Times – 3/4/12 – Longer Public School Day – Done Right – is Essential – This article discusses the importance of lengthening the school day to prepare students for competing in the global economy and specifically mentions the need for a new workforce in Chicago.
  • Education Week – 3/6/12 – Civil Rights Data Show Retention Disparities – This piece discusses the new information recently collected by the U.S. Department of Education’s civil rights office that shows wide racial disparities in student retentions, particularly during elementary and middle school years.
  • The Wall Street Journal – 3/7/12 – The Trouble with Humiliating Teachers – An opinion piece by Wendy Kopp on publishing teachers’ performance data online