AOL Expands Support

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since AOL burst onto the scene, introducing an unsuspecting world to the miracle of email, chat and the seemingly infinite resources provided on the web. Since then, AOL has innovated at a pace matched only by the internet itself, and now provides products and content to 250 million visitors looking for the latest news, art, music and more. You could call them pioneers, web gurus or media mavens – and you’d be right. But at Citizen Schools, we’re most proud to call them Citizen Teachers.

From one apprenticeship in NY just two years ago, to six in NY and MA today (and even more planned for the future), our partnership is growing in leaps and bounds. In addition to volunteer power, key financial support, and brand building campaigns, they’ve also introduced students to famous figures like AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and Arianna Huffington and Wyclef Jean.

When asked about why AOL partners with us, Blair Cobb, Director of Cause Marketing at AOL, said, “Citizen Schools enables us to utilize our most valuable asset, our people, to make a meaningful difference in our local communities. Empowering our employees to teach their passion with Citizen Schools has fostered an infectious culture of giving, prompting more and more employees to want to get involved. It is this enthusiasm and positive word of mouth that enabled our recent expansion to Boston, and I look forward to giving every AOL employee the opportunity to teach back with Citizen Schools.”

Citizen Schools and our students love AOL, and our stellar track record of providing high-impact volunteer opportunities ensures that the feeling is mutual!