Citizen Schools hires Kyle Conley as Vice President, Impact

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Kyle Conley joins Citizen Schools as Vice President, Impact on April 23, 2019. In her role, she will focus on driving impact in direct service with Expanded Learning Time and with Catalyst, Citizen Schools’ new teacher support initiative. Kyle will also oversee a national center of excellence around the core input and support for Citizen Schools program models, including talent, curriculum, training and Research and Evaluation. She joins a dynamic and committed team of leaders at both the regional and national level.

As a true champion of educational equity and racial justice, throughout her career Kyle demonstrated her ability to lift up students, communities and teachers to drive change. She began her career as an elementary school teacher in Compton through Teach For America and spent nine years in under-served districts, focusing on bilingual education. Next, Kyle served as an administrator in Jefferson County, CO and the turnaround of the Crawford Elementary School in Aurora, CO over a four year period. By the end of her tenure there, Crawford decreased suspension rates 70% by implementing a restorative justice system and pioneered a model of community engagement that was subsequently adopted across the district. Furthermore, she developed an instructional approach that ensured all students met and exceeded state standards.

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Kyle will be an important leader in the next phase of Citizen Schools’ growth in classrooms and communities across the country.

Kyle arrives in Boston after spending the last six years in Europe. She brings with her two children, Estella (13 years old) and Liam (12 years old) and her husband, Brent, as well has Lemmy, her dachshund.

It is an honor to be joining the Citizen Schools team and to be a part of this next step in our journey. Informed by diverse experiences from around the globe, I am convinced that expanded opportunities for students starts with local, deeply contextualized approaches. Through this lens, I am eager to at once continue and expand the impact of Citizen Schools' direct service work. Let us celebrate our accomplishments so far and, in a spirit of growth and learning, remember that there is much to do as we ensure our students have opportunity to grow and meet their goals. Thank you for the warm welcome and optimistic spirit of adventure!

-Kyle Conley, Vice President, Impact

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