'Cracking The Case' with PwC


In our ‘Crack the Case” apprenticeship, students learn to become insightful marketers through careful research and analysis. Last fall, students at Isaac Newton Middle School in New York, played the role of business consultant to Ben and Jerry’s, working to determine the best choice for their newest flavor.

Led by partners and staff at PwC, the global professional services firm, students research the popularity and profitability of different flavors, and ultimately worked to build a case for their ice cream flavor - and why it should be chosen.

Last month, at PwC’s office, students had the opportunity to present their cases to a panel of judges, from a variety of departments across PwC. In their pitches, students presented everything from profit margins and ad campaigns to data they collected surveying peers, family and friends about their ice cream preferences. Students also pitched celebrity endorsements, providing compelling rationales for why their favorite celebrity would be interested in promoting their product - and how the endorsement would advance profits on their flavor.

Ultimately, the judges had the difficult task of choosing between Gucci Boroughs, Blast Tech Ice Cream, Celebrity Ice, and Sweet Tech. In the end, the PwC guest “investors” were most impressed with Celebrity Ice’s marketing, the potential for profit, and flavor profile.

Apprenticeships play a vital role in shaping our students’ future during the most critical stage of their lives—providing them with the skills, access, and beliefs to thrive in high school, college, and as adults in the future. Since 2011, 115 PwC partners and staff volunteers have led 18 apprenticeships at our CSNY campuses. We are grateful for PwC’s continued support of our students - and their commitment to providing young people from undeserved communities with the financial, technology and career-selection skills they need to change the trajectory of their lives.