Benjamin Erazo: Real World Learning Experiences Inspire Passion for Business & Stocks

Benjamin Erazo was a 2018 summer intern at Citizen Schools headquarters in Boston. As a member of the Technology team, he was responsible for helping repair computers and assisting the tech team solve any problems. Benjamin attended the Browne Middle School in Chelsea, MA, and is now a sophomore at Chelsea High School.


My name is Benjamin Erazo. I served as an intern at Citizen Schools in Boston, during the summer of 2018. My mentor and Writing Program teacher was Amanda Zimmerman at Browne Middle School. I’m currently at the Chelsea High School where Carolyn Navikonis is my current mentor.

There are so many career possibilities and different jobs in the world, which makes it challenging to know which one to choose. With Citizen Schools, they helped me tremendously with their apprenticeship program. The program consists of students choosing a job-shadowing opportunity and they engage in a 10 week long period of projects and activities that the employees of that job do on a daily basis. The program helped me find new interests I didn't know I previously had interest for. The one apprenticeship that I remember the most was, Boss with Eaton Vance in the seventh grade.

This apprenticeship took place at their office in Boston, MA and it explained what stocks were and how they work. Throughout the apprenticeship we would constantly change rooms and look around their office, showing us the different teams and how they work together to try to complete a common goal. It really opened my eyes on how a business actually works; since they all work together and make things happen together.

Benjamin at the Merck Corporate Career Exploration during his summer of 2018 Citizen Schools Internship

Benjamin at the Merck Corporate Career Exploration during his summer of 2018 Citizen Schools Internship

During this apprenticeship we had a project, that us work in teams to see which team could make the greatest amount of profit by the end of the apprenticeship. My team and I, came in second and we had a great time through the duration of the apprenticeship.

Citizen Schools had taught me countless things, but the most valuable thing that they have taught and gave me, was the opportunity to explore a wide range of apprenticeships. Without Citizen Schools, I don’t think I would’ve have had the opportunity to interact with all of the people I met. Or explored as many as many new career paths as I did.

Stocks and Business have been my new interest ever since the Boss apprenticeship. Citizen Schools has provided the  motivation and support I needed to get going. I thank Citizen Schools for the programs they have given us as students that helped enrich our learning experiences.