Celebrating Volunteering With Joy

Volunteers come from all walks of life. Usually, they choose a cause that they feel passionate about or that they can relate to.  Most volunteers are interested in making the difference and leaving a legacy in the organization they serve. Whether that impact is sustainable or not, depends on the community and the organization itself. However, their heart, dedication, and joy to serve others is what matters the most. In observance of National Volunteer Month, we decided to celebrate the individuals that bring our mission to life: our volunteers. Their passion, courage, and determination to join us in closing the opportunity gap inspires us everyday.

For that reason, we sought the best way to celebrate them and their contributions. That is why we chose one of Citizen Schools’ most important values: joy. Subsequently, we invited friends, family, supporters, and students to create a playful version of our logo and express their joy. At Citizen Schools, we value innovation, the courage of others to celebrate diversity, backgrounds, and innovative ideas.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to highlight the joy that we all bring to our communities on a daily basis. Take a look at some of the entries below: