Starting My Public Speaking Career at Citizen Schools

People know me as the shy girl, the mute. But I want others to know that I am more than just shy. This is not who I really am, and Citizen Schools knows it’s not who I am. I have always had a fear of public speaking, and my mom always told me that it was just a phase. She, too, was shy and reclusive, but now she's a social butterfly. I hope to become more social like her to some extent. I just don't know where to start. My Citizen Schools writing coach told me that being scared to talk in public is all in my head and it's nothing to be afraid of. I use that advice everyday to help me in speak up in groups.

Citizen Schools always pushes me to speak up, even if I don’t want to. My Citizen Schools teacher from the Edwards Middle School invited me to explore careers at Deloitte. I was nervous, but I decided to go because I knew it was a good opportunity. I was able to go to Deloitte to explore what they do and look around their nice office. That day I showed my true colors. At the start of the Deloitte day, I knew I had things to say in a room that was in total silence when they asked questions. I was the first to speak, which wasn't common of me to do. I gained confidence and continued speak to the Deloitte volunteers. Of course, my fear of public speaking is not totally gone but this is a start of getting rid of it.

In conclusion, my time at Deloitte gave me an opportunity to become a leader. I spoke in front of a group of people I didn’t know. A few months ago I wouldn't think I would be able to do what I did. This is the start of me becoming a better person. Much more needs to be improved but this is just the beginning.