Carol Rosenberg of Google Gets Cyced for Citizen Schools

Carol Rosenberg, a Senior Agency Development Manager at Google, has long been an advocate of Citizen Schools and our students. She has taught five apprenticeships since 2012, most recently teaching Google Design Thinking at Isaac Newton Middle School for Math and Science, and has been a member of our New York Board of Advocates since 2013.  

On June 3, Carol will suit-up for our first-ever spinning event, Cyced for Citizen Schools, to help raise funds for Citizen Schools programming in New York City.  We recently caught up with her to hear why she’s excited about the event - and how Citizen Schools has affected her.

What made you want to partner with Citizen Schools?

“I've been involved with Citizen Schools for more than 5 years.  The work they do is so important to our city's kids. By exposing them to new skills, ideas, community members and careers we are able to inspire them to think differently and bigger.”

Why are you excited about the Spinning Event?

“I've participated in other spin events and it's a ton of fun. The enthusiasm and excitement in the room is amazing. You ride as a team, get a great workout and raise money for a great cause.”

A personal moment of discovery while working with Citizen Schools?

“The little moments stand out the most for me.  When a child tells me they want to work at Google one day, it reminds me that the work we do is so important. The most amazing moments for me have come in the Wow when students present their 10-week project. For most kids, presenting in front of a group of adults and peers is really difficult and something they have never done. I have seen children who are shy, nervous and lack confidence step up and deliver convincing presentations and the pride they feel is incredible.”

Are you ready to push for opportunities for underserved middle school students in New York City?  Join passionate individuals like Carol to sweat it out with Citizen Schools on June 3 - and help inspire our city’s children to thrive as students and succeed as adults in the modern economy.