Massachusetts Attorney General Speaks to Political Climate and Education at Citizen Schools Event

Citizen Schools staff and Massachusetts Teaching Fellows came together for a discussion on the effects of the current political climate on issues of education and immigration. The event, “Engaging Multiple Perspectives on Race, Community Engagement and a Way Forward,” brought together an expert panel, including social activists, educators and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey to discuss what is one of the most tumultuous times in our country’s history.

Attorney General Healey was introduced by our CEO, Emily McCann, who lauded her as "a tremendous advocate for the people of Massachusetts." 

AG Healey gave an impassioned speech that outlined the steps her office is taking to protect public education and improve opportunities for all students. She spoke about the importance of AmeriCorps and the National Teaching fellowship. Addressing the assembled Teaching Fellows, she highlighted the importance of their roles in preparing the next generation. 

It’s not just about the students, it’s about the impact on the families, the schools and the communities you serve in. You have a ripple effect.
— Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, speaking to Citizen Schools staff

After AG Healey's speech, attendees broke into roundtable discussion groups led by local educators, advocates and activists. All conversations revolved around a central theme: how national events and conversations around education, immigration and criminal justice reform are impacting our schools and communities – particularly those with a high concentration of immigrants.

Special thanks to AG Healey and her office, as well as the Boston-area organizations and their leaders who made the engaging discussions possible.

Amanda Fernandez
CEO/Founder, Latinos for Education

Catherine Wong
Director of Urban Outreach Initiatives, Boston College

Carlos Rojas Alvarez
Campaign Director, Youth on Board

Chiderah Okoye
President, Boston Chapter of National Society of Black Engineers

Jeremy Scheiner
Manager of Diversity Initiatives, UP Academy

Anjali Nirmalan
Conant Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Founding teacher, UP Academy

Becky Schuster
Assistant Superintendant of Equity, Boston Public Schools

Sylvia Ramirez
Director, Youth and Families, Chelsea Collaborative