Motorola Mobility Teaches Students That 'Hearing Is Believing'

"Seeing" sound with the Tonoscope.

"Seeing" sound with the Tonoscope.

At this middle school in Chicago, it's not seeing, but hearing that's believing. 

Citizen Schools students are learning about the science of sound in Motorola Mobility's "Hearing is Believing" Apprenticeship this semester.  Led by volunteers from Motorola Mobility, including a few sound engineers, students are learning about sound, electricity and creating audio devices. Students try "seeing" sound by using a Tonoscope, a fun acoustic device that enables you to see beautiful patterns created by the sound of your voice.

Citizen Schools would like to thank Motorola Mobility Foundation for its generous support of our program. Motorola Mobility Foundation has provided more Citizen Teachers and taught more apprenticeships than any other partner we've worked with throughout our 5-year history in Chicago.  We are honored to have so many of their extraordinary citizens volunteer to teach apprenticeships to our students.

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