A Discussion with Larry Summers & NPR's Jeremy Hobson

“Boston can be to this century what Florence was to the 15th century: not the richest or most powerful, but the city, through its contribution to human thought, that shines the brightest light into posterity.” - Lawrence H. Summers

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, business leaders from Biogen, Fidelity, Google, Cisco, EMC and others from the financial and tech industries gathered with Citizen Schools at Biogen Headquarters in Cambridge to discuss the trends in the economy with Dr. Lawrence H. Summers, Chair of the Citizen Schools National Board of Directors.

Facilitated by Jeremy Hobson of NPR’s Here and Now, the discussion expanded on an earlier conversation between Summers and Hobson, and was focused on the global view of the economy, including latest trends and pressure points, the role of innovation and education.