+ Professional Development

As a Fellow, you will learn to harness your personal strengths and develop transferable skills, such as teamwork, transformational leadership, decision-making, project management and relationship development, that will fast-forward your career and magnify your ability to drive sustainable change. Grow your role as an agent of change in schools by developing your knowledge of day-to-day operations and deepening your understanding of the challenges faced by schools in your neighborhood.


Gain relevant experience to differentiate your application to graduate programs and teacher training residencies.

You’ll have the experience and knowledge to select the best continuing education opportunities and insider knowledge to enable you to better apply what you learn. Campuses in Massachusetts offer direct pathways to teacher credentialing for individuals who wish to become a traditional classroom teacher upon completion of the Fellowship. Participants who successfully complete the residency program are fully prepared to serve as a teacher of record and meet all of the state requirements for licensure -- including a MA in Education.


As a member of AmeriCorps, Fellows qualify for an Eli Segal Education Award of $5,920 for every successful year of service. The education award(s) can be used to repay student loans or cover tuition costs for graduate studies at an accredited college or university.

Note: conditions include completing at least 1700 service and/or training hours over the course of the year. Money must be used within seven years of the date on which the monies are awarded, and become taxable at the time it is used.


You will receive a gross biweekly stipend of $905.77, totaling a maximum of $23,550 annually. In many states, Fellows are eligible for additional food and public utility benefits.


Fellows have the opportunity to enroll in comprehensive medical and dental coverage without any out of pocket cost for plan premiums. All AmeriCorps members are entitled to coverage, but may decline it in favor of alternative coverage obtained through a parent, guardian or spouse.


Over a million individuals have served through AmeriCorps, more than 1,500 of them at Citizen Schools since its launch more than 20 years ago.

Our alumns are active in their support of new Fellows providing mentorship, coaching and opening doors to post-Fellowship career opportunities. With alumns holding positions from law to higher education you won’t have to look far to find someone with the experience, insights or contacts you are looking for. In addition to joining our alumni network at the conclusion of your service, your professional network will grow through the relationships you develop with school and community leaders, the subject matter experts with whom you will partner to deliver hands-on learning programs and the team members with whom you will partner each day in service of students and families. Your bond with your team will be an unbreakable foundation on which you can rely during the Fellowship and for the rest of your career.