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The funding Citizen Schools receives from AmeriCorps supports the service of our Teaching Fellows, the front-line instructors and community builders who work directly with our students, parents, and school partners. 


Based on a shared commitment to sparking students’ interest in science through hands-on experiences, the Biogen  Foundation will help launch the next phase of Citizen Schools’ national STEM strategy to improve and scale the hands-on apprenticeship model for STEM learning in Massachusetts and North Carolina and at the national level. 


Cisco's investment of talent, funding, and in-kind products have helped Citizen Schools continue to scale and improve communication among staff nationally since 2009. Cisco employees are among Citizen Schools' largest group of Citizen Teachers, leading many science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) apprenticeships to develop student's STEM skills, excite them about learning, and prepare them for a future career. To further expand their impact, Cisco joined the US2020 initiative as a Founding Leadership Partner.


With Dell’s support, Citizen Schools’ will provide professional development to front line teaching staff as well as offer cutting edge technology for use in classrooms by students and teachers. As part of Dell’s 2020 Legacy of Good Plan, the company has a long-standing commitment to supporting communities and youth learning. Dell’s Youth Learning initiatives directly impacted more than 415,000 underserved young people in 2016 by providing them access to technology and education. 

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Fidelity Investments is Citizen Schools’ Lead National Partner for 8th Grade Academy, helping to set thousands of our students on a path towards middle and high school achievement, college graduation, and leadership in their careers and communities. With money, time and talent, Fidelity employees are investing deeply in education. 

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