Too few of our nation's children are on track to develop the skills and networks necessary to lead in the 21st century economy.

The future work landscape in the United States is uncharted, with opportunities that will demand new talents and skills. Yet, the majority of our students lack the opportunities and networks needed to thrive in this shifting landscape.

Too Few Mentors:

Students from low income communities are 10 times less likely to become inventors.

Thin Networks:

Black and Latinx adults comprise one third of the US population but represent just 8% of the STEM workforce.

Limited Opportunity:

Students from the bottom 25% lack access to deeper learning that helps build core skills and mindsets.

We are building a movement around real-world learning, a pipeline of mentors, and the capacity of schools and communities to deliver a new approach to education - one that will help students develop the skills, mindsets and networks to thrive in the 21st century economy.



Volunteers from the community mentor students and connect learning to potential career pathways.


+ Real World Learning

Hands-on, project-based and maker-centered learning experiences position students as producers and problem solvers.


= Impact

Students develop key social emotional and 21st century skills and competencies & build their networks.

This year, we will serve over 100,000 students in 28 communities across the United States - re-imagining the way students learn in the classroom, after school, and in our communities - to ensure equal opportunity for all.


Expanding the Classroom

Our Catalyst model empowers science teachers, in partnership with volunteers from the community, to deliver high-quality, project-based STEM learning experiences during the traditional school day. It’s our effort to ensure all children have access to the deeper learning opportunities they crave, and that teachers have the supports they need to build the skills and networks of our next generation leaders.

Expanded Learning Time (ELT)

Expanding the School Day

In our ELT Model, we partner with schools to provide academic support, high school and college pathway programming, and apprenticeships - semester long courses taught by volunteers. We connect a team of adults - including community volunteers, and AmeriCorps members to provide hands-on learning experiences that connects what students learn in the classroom to real world opportunities.



Expanding the Community

Through a network of coalition partners, US2020 connects STEM mentors with nonprofit organizations and schools to offer hands-on STEM education and maker-centered learning opportunities for students. US2020 is working to change the trajectory of STEM education in America by dramatically scaling the number of STEM professionals engaged in high-quality STEM mentoring with youth.