In the 2016 academic year we served 4,593 students at 30 campuses across the country. 


4 Campuses
706 Students
120 Apprenticeships
87% Attendance Rate

On the Smarter Balanced state assessment, 6th grade students at Renaissance Academy almost doubled - 36% to 64% - the percent of students who met or exceeded the standard in ELA, their Citizen Schools academic focus area.


5 Campuses
477 Students
45 Apprenticeships
89% Attendance Rate

At Citizen Schools Illinois partner school, Chase Elementary, students nearly doubled national typical growth seen in one school year in their academic focus area of Reading last school year.

7 Campuses
1,531 Students
262 Apprenticeships
95% Attendance Rate

Citizen Schools Alumni in Massachusetts are 30% more likely to earn a postsecondary degree or certificate in a STEM field.



6 Campuses
1,130 Students
197 Apprenticeships
87% Attendance Rate

In partnership with the Urban Assembly Unison School, students increased their proficiency rate by 15 percentage points in the Citizen Schools Academic Focus Area of ELA compared to an increase of 6.9 percentage points seen in those same grade levels citywide.

north carolina.png

5 Campuses
509 Students
105 Apprenticeships
90% Attendance Rate

Students who participated in Citizen Schools at Martin Luther King Middle School outperformed national growth averages on the Measures of Academic Progress exam by seven percentage points in English Language Arts.


3 Campuses
240 Students
59 Apprenticeships
88% Attendance Rate

In the Citizen Schools' academic focus area of Reading, at the end of the school year, 50% more sixth graders at Patrick Henry Middle School were reading at grade level.