Wells Fargo "Get Smart About Credit"

Wells Fargo has partnered with American Bankers’ Association Education Foundation and Citizen Schools Texas to launch their “Get Smart About Credit” initiative. The mission is to introduce young people and families to the concept of responsible use of credit and how this can lead toward a healthy financial future. Regarding their alliance with Citizen Schools, Alan Watkins, the Wells Fargo Community Development Officer says, “We are fortunate enough to have great nonprofit and community partners who allow us to leverage their existing relationships with different schools in order to introduce and present different financial topics to students. We are grateful to have Citizen Schools as a partner.” On October 20th, Wells Fargo presented their “Get Smart About Credit” series at Citizen Schools’ Lights On Event at Sharpstown International School. There were approximately one hundred people in attendance including families, students, and community members. Wells Fargo engaged the audience with practical information on credit wise decisions. The principal of Sharpstown, Mr. Yu, was excited to see so many parents in attendance. Many parents were motivated to take the information and apply it to their family finances. On October 25th, Wells Fargo repeated the presentation at Patrick Henry Middle School to a group of parents.

In the spring, Citizen Schools Texas hopes to continue its valuable partnership with Wells Fargo by having them teach our families and students valuable skills by having workshops such as “Money Skills you Need for Life” and “Teach Children to Save.”