Tannenbaums and Tinsel: An Early Christmas for Citizen Schools?

With the Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, many folks now have the fresh smell of an evergreen swelling throughout their homes - festively decorated and on display.  Citizen Schools North Carolina has been sharing the holiday spirit as well. On November 30th, staff members from Lowe's Grove Middle School and our Development Director, Jill Ullman, gathered at Diamond View Park at the American Tobacco Campus to decorate Tree 51 for Citizen Schools' chance to win up to $5,000! Brad Powell, Joshua Johnson, Mykia Johnson, and Jill Ullman used student-created ornaments to don our 10-feet tall Christmas tree.  Students at Lowe's Grove Middle School fashioned construction paper into brilliant trimmings displaying our program's 7 values: Joy, Teamwork, Pride, Vision, Leadership, Courage, and Perseverance.  They even created clocks to represent the extended learning day - and a nod to Father Time for the approaching new year.  Jill also had her family pitch in by crafting some fantastic Moravian stars.  Citizen Schools' Tree 51 along with many others were lit in the ceremonial Illumination of Trees this evening, and voting began at 8:00 pm along with other event activities.

Please show your support for our organization and cast your vote today!

Text "TREE51" to 46988 or vote online here.  Voting ends at midnight on December 18th.