Introducing Citizen Schools' New Civic Engagement Coordinator, Zoe Pilla!

Tell us a little about your experience prior to joining Citizen Schools: I graduated from Northeastern majoring in Business Administration and Marketing, with minors in International Affairs and Social Entrepreneurship. While at Northeastern I worked for a year and a half at 3 different internships, my favorite one being at Pine St Inn, which is the biggest center for homeless resources in New England, where I worked in Workforce development. The best thing I did at Northeastern was to study abroad in South Africa for a month, where I took classes and did a consulting project for a local small business.

What excites you most about becoming the new Civic Engagement Coordinator for CSCA?

I’m most excited about joining a non profit that I have a lot of respect for and produces a great outcome for the kids. I’m also excited about connecting with and facilitating great experiences for our volunteers.

What brought you to the Bay Area?

I’ve lived my whole life in the New England area and wanted to try something different. San Francisco is a hub for outdoor lovers, social enterprise and free thinking, which made it appealing. I figured, now is the time in my life to make a big move, even if it’s temporary, so I just took the leap!

After looking through our Curriculum Library, which apprenticeship would your middle school self loved to have taken?

Storybook writing or photography. When I was in elementary and middle school I was a gigantic book worm. I would cruise through chapter books in one sitting. I had a few friends who I used to write stories with. We would have loved extra time in school to just focus on that, illustrations and all. I also loved (and still do) to explore, so being able to document what I saw in a professional and artistic manner would have been really exciting for me.