Citizen Schools Volunteers Win Futures for Kids Award

NCCU F4K Award In early May, Citizen Schools North Carolina had the distinct pleasure of nominating some of our volunteer Citizen Teachers and partner organizations for the Futures for Kids (F4K) Community Partner Award. Of the nominations submitted, two were selected. Page Potter, Director of Pro Bono Program at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) School of Law, received the School Partner Award, and Jerry Diehl, Citizen Teacher from EMC, accepted the Career Coach Volunteer Award.

Page Potter and the NCCU School of Law have partnered with Citizen Schools at Neal Middle School over the past two years. More than twenty law students have volunteered as Citizen Teachers through the NCCU mock trial apprenticeship, all under the guidance and organization of Page. Through this apprenticeship and the partnership with NCCU School of Law, our students have gained valuable knowledge in the field of law and honed 21st Century skills such as oral communication skills. Page has also provided scholarships for students to attend the NCCU summer law camp, Legal Eagle Law Camp.

Jerry Diehl EMC O-scope

Jerry Diehl has been a Citizen Teacher at Lowe’s Grove Middle School for the past five years. At the rate of two apprenticeships each year, he just finished teaching his 9th apprenticeship! He has contributed over 300 hours of teaching and has gone above and beyond in mentoring our students. There are two students who have taken the EMC electrical engineering apprenticeship at least three times throughout their middle school years. Jerry engages these returning students each time by bringing in take-home kits to further challenge them. One of these students started the 6th grade wanting to study birds as an ornithologist, but after taking the apprenticeship with Jerry he excitedly shares that he wants to become an electrical engineer and work at EMC!

Page, Jerry, and many other individuals and organizations across North Carolina were recognized and honored on May 15th at the Governor’s Mansion for their dedication to helping students understand and imagine the workplace. Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest read a proclamation by Governor Pat McCrory declaring the day Futures for Kids Day.

Please join us in congratulating our award-winning volunteers and partners! Read more about the awards ceremony in this Herald Sun article.