CSTX’s Spring 2015 Apprenticeships

  Scholars at Patrick Henry signed their endorsements for their apprenticeship selection

Texas students are now required to select one of five "endorsements" before high school. As we usher in our Spring 2015 semester of apprenticeships, we are excited to support students in making their endorsement decision by linking our apprenticeships with these endorsements.

For example, a NASA-led apprenticeship on the scientific method made the "STEM" endorsement come alive for students, while a financial planning apprenticeship led by Wells Fargo brought a new level of excitement to the "Business & Industry" endorsement.

This semester we would like to acknowledge our new and long standing corporate partners who help open our kids eyes to their future opportunities in a way they will never close!

• Employees from Cadence Bank have teamed up to teach financial literacy through the "Your Financial Future" apprenticeship. Students in this class will learn personal finance skills and how they can have a career in the banking industry.

• We are excited to announce that we have expanded our partnership with United Express Airlines to Houston! Mario and Alice will teach an apprenticeship about careers in the aviation field and the physics of flight.

• The American Institute of Architects has partnered with us to teach our students the fundamentals of design. Their apprentices will learn how the math they learn at school can help them design a building!

Shell Oil Company employees matched their previous semester's record of apprenticeships reaching about 140 students this semester! These hands-on STEM apprenticeships teach students about how science and math that they learn in school relate to their future college and career success.