Thank you to all the investors helping to make our work possible in California.

Corporate Investors

Foundation Investors

Public Funders

Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

Oakland Unified School District

Oakland Fund for Children and Youth

Aspire Public Schools

US Department of Education


Leadership Circle

John Osterweis

Bob and Maria Drake

Thomas Volpe

Richard Fried

Larry Barone

Arthur Rock

Marla Miller

Xing Chen

Graham Smith

Eric Di Benedetto

Kelly Pope and David Bulfer

Theodore Ford

Pam and Chris Rupright

John Voulkos

Nicholas Graves

Meridee Moore

Individual Donors

Alan Robin

Gordon Strause

Daniel Spoonhower

Neil Koren

Jim Wallace

Uma Desiraju

Katie Miller

Lorraine Monick

Sarah Griffith

Jeremy Baird

Timothy Moore

Kate Hall

Kathy Ray

Rajan Prajapat