Bing Howell   Chief External Affairs Officer, Washington State Charter Schools Association

Bing Howell

Chief External Affairs Officer, Washington State Charter Schools Association

Bing Howell

Bing is an education executive with experience in school portfolio management, education strategy, and scaling quality educational options that work for students, families and communities that need them.

Bing is currently the Chief External Affairs Officer at the Washington State Charter School Association, where he leads the charter public school sector’s efforts in family and community engagement and policy & advocacy.

After having started a career on Wall Street, he later found his passion for K-12 education while co-creating a financial literacy program to engage New York City middle school students. His career in the K-12 education space started in the UK where he worked with schools, communities and local authorities (school districts) in developing 21st century learning environments. Upon returning to the United States as the Interim Executive Director for Citizen Schools’ New Jersey branch, he led the region’s growth to support more middle students while engaging with community members and families to enable that change.

He expanded on these efforts at the New Jersey Department of Education where he founded the state’s first Office of Portfolio Management; designed to support the bottom 5% of the most underperforming schools in the state. This work was foundational to the citywide K-12 reform efforts that are currently shaping in Camden (NJ). His next role was with the Tennessee Department of Education where he led the states’ Office of School Improvement, which supported all priority and focus schools in the state, including, the Achievement School District and all Innovation Zones.

Subsequently Mr. Howell led the school growth work at New Schools for Baton Rouge. There he worked with business, faith-based and civic leaders; schools, and philanthropic organizations to scale high quality school options across the city of Baton Rouge.