The Problem

The Opportunity Gap

  • The achievement gap is the result of an opportunity gap.
  • Students from affluent communities benefit from almost $8,000 worth of enrichment activities and 300 additional hours of adult guidance  per year. [source]
  • We can close this gap by connecting students who want to learn, with adults like you, who have something to teach.
  • This is where you come in!
Our Solution

Close the Opportunity Gap

  • Schools + Citizens = Impact
  • We re-imagine the school day by providing more time for learning and use that time in innovative ways.
  • We mobilize the resources of the community to support the school.
  • We provide students with hands-on “apprenticeships” taught by caring adult volunteers in fields such as science and technology, law, finance and arts.

A Model that Works

  • Citizen Schools students graduate high school at a rate 20% higher than their peers who are not in the program.
  • 63% of Citizen Schools alumni have enrolled in college.
  • 80% of Citizen Schools 8th grade students express an interest in STEM careers compared to the U.S. national average of 33%.

In Their Own Words

“The little things that you’ve taught them, like teamwork and patience and concentration and not giving up…When they come to these bumps in the road, they fall back on that. You get this incredible feeling that, WOW, I did something.” –Citizen Teacher

“In my apprenticeships, I learned how to be more confident. I was encouraged to do my best and so I WAS my best.” –Student