Go teach!

  • Apprenticeships are semester-long hands-on learning projects led by volunteer experts, like you.
  • You help turn kids into young scientists, architects, lawyers, business owners, etc. – experiencing success with successful adults.
  • These apprenticeships transform lives, inspire careers and set students on a path of learning.
  • The final students’ showcase called the WOW! gives them the opportunity to share what they learned.
What to Teach

Share your knowledge

You have unique skills and experiences to bring to students within a span of ten weeks.

  • Choose a topic that you are interested in, from robotics to mock trial to video game design, by looking through the engaging lesson plans in our curriculum library.
  • Decide what to teach by seeing what other volunteers have taught in our Apprenticeships in Action section.

You won’t be in this alone

Whether it’s developing lesson plans, leading the classroom, or engaging students, you’ll be supported from start to finish in your apprenticeship.

  • A Citizen Schools staff member will partner with and support you through every step – from planning, to teaching, to the WOW!
  • You will receive five hours of training on how to make your course engaging and keep your students on task.
Where & When

fy14 map transparent10 weeks → 1 afternoon/week → 90 minutes/afternoon

Apprenticeships are taught for 90 minutes sometime between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. You can teach in the Fall or Spring semester, and our program is available in middle schools in the following communities:

  • CA – Bay Area
  • IL – Chicago
  • MA – Boston, Chelsea, & Salem
  • NC – Charlotte & Durham
  • NY – Harlem, Brooklyn & The Bronx
  • TX – Houston