When a district and its schools bring Citizen Schools on board to expand their learning day, each partner commits to aligning its resources toward making an impact.

District Expectations

  • Provide financial support ~50% towards total direct costs
  • Support policy changes, including providing principals more autonomy over scheduling and transportation
  • Publicly express support for ELT as a school turnaround strategy
  • Ensure transportation for ELT students
  • Provide necessary support staff during expanded day, including security, custodians and nurses
  • Provide Citizen Schools access to student performance data
  • Ensure adequate heating and cooling for school buildings

School Expectations

  • Use inclusive language to communicate about the expanded day and communicate with staff
  • Collaborate on scheduling and other logistics with Citizen Schools
  • Provide Citizen Schools access to student data and records
  • Align behavior policies and procedures with Citizen Schools
  • Provide key staff during ELT day to support program, including Special Education and lead faculty
  • Provide Citizen Schools access to instructional and leadership meetings
  • Support joint professional development with Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools Expectations

  • Add 3 hours per day, 4 days per week to the school day
  • Maintain respectful relationships with and support school community
  • Articulate vision for academic excellence, including connections to the school’s curriculum and courses
  • Ensure alignment within the expanded school day
  • Meet with school staff on a regular basis to discuss academics date, logistics and ongoing challenges
  • Communicate and engage with families biweekly
  • Ensure a results and data-driven approach to student achievement while fostering a love of learning!