Fidelity Investments and Citizen Schools


Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments is Citizen Schools’ Lead National Partner for 8th Grade Academy. Through this partnership, Fidelity and its employees play a significant role in setting thousands of our students on a path towards middle and high school achievement, college graduation, and leadership in their careers and communities. As Sheila Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President, Community Relations at Fidelity Investments noted, “Citizen Schools is one of the premiere educational organizations in the country. Fidelity’s volunteers are a new cohort of caring, inspiring adults entering the lives of students to help them succeed in school and beyond.”

Prior to signing on as our Lead National Partner for 8th Grade Academy, Fidelity provided crucial funding to support the growth of our programs across the country, enabling us to increase the number and quality of apprenticeships we deliver to students for more than a decade. Fidelity was also our first Lead Campus Sponsor in 2005, ensuring that a particular school has the resources it needs to provide dynamic, results-oriented programs.
Fidelity’s strong cadre of  employee volunteers has provided hundreds of hours of hands-on learning in more than 60 apprenticeships across the country, on topics from financial planning to community problem-solving to website design. They also developed their own financial literacy curriculum, “Invest Like a Millionaire,” which has been taught by Fidelity employees and others in classrooms from California to Massachusetts. Volunteers have also coached students on resume writing, public speaking and interview skills, providing positive role modeling and supporting them on a path towards future success.
Finally, Fidelity has provided many in-kind resources to Citizen Schools, including media and marketing support, and space and volunteers for our signature Six Degrees student networking events, our Executive Briefing, staff trainings and more. Fidelity employees also serve on our National Science and Technology Advisory Committee and on regional boards.
Citizen Schools’ Co-founder and CEO Eric Schwarz remarks, “Fidelity is committed to expanding the impact and reach of 8th Grade Academy, one of the most proven elements of our program model. They are also setting the bar high for the true meaning of ‘partnership’ as they continue to dedicate resources from across the company to make Citizen Schools stronger and more sustainable.” Fidelity’s partnership with Citizen Schools continues to grow, to the benefit of our students and alumni across the country. For more information, please visit