Cognizant and Citizen Schools

Cognizant has provided a significant financial and talent investment in Citizen Schools that is having a profound impact on students. Inspired by a mutual desire to reinvigorate STEM-based education, Citizen Schools emerged as an ideal partner in Cognizant’s  “Making the Future” education initiative, which invests in programs that encourage creativity and innovation in young people. Mark Greenlaw, Vice President of Sustainability and Educational Affairs at Cognizant, reflected, “The U.S. has long been admired for its vibrant technology industry and a culture that fosters innovation and challenges conventional thinking; however, that competitive edge now needs a new impetus. Through Making the Future and investments in organizations like Citizen Schools, Cognizant seeks to encourage exploration, invention, and the joy of learning.”

It is clear that Cognizant’s devotion to education resonates with its employees, who have responded to Citizen Schools’ volunteer opportunities with unique enthusiasm! This semester, 55 of Cognizant’s employees are leading 17 apprenticeships across California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina in topicsranging from robotics to finance to environmental sustainability.

“We’re thrilled to have many corporate partners whose employees sign up as Citizen Teachers every semester, but the outpouring of interest in volunteerism from Cognizant employees across the country at the inception of a new partnership is unprecedented,” said EricSchwarz, co-founder and CEO of Citizen Schools. As evidenced by these landmark numbers, volunteers from Cognizant are eager to share what they know about information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services via Citizen Schools’ 11-week apprenticeships.

Cognizant’s generous financial and human capital support, along with the company’s participation in initiatives like the “Change the Equation” campaign, will undoubtedly help Citizen Schools deepen our impact on student learning and educational practice nation-wide.