Partnership For ImpactQuotation from the 2008 Global Pulse Report Survey

Three types of impact

  1. On kids: Prepare the workforce of tomorrow, and be a leader in reforming education in America.
  2. On your talent: Provide employees with a volunteer opportunity that really makes a difference—and builds their professional skills and loyalty.
  3. On your brand: Position your company as a leader in the community and a partner to an innovative, high-impact non-profit organization.
Benefits of PartnershipA volunteer teaches finance

Three ways to benefit

  1. Marketing and media: Promote your contribution to the community and education.
  2. Leadership and networking: Serve on Boards, speak at events, and visit policymakers.
  3. Employee Engagement: Employees teach what they love to local kids, and see their impact.
Employee Impact

A unique way to give back

  1. Real impact: Employees change kids’ lives by inspiring them with new career possibilities. Our results >>
  2. Leadership development: Employees face the challenge of teaching, and build skills in collaboration, communication, and perseverance.
  3. Multiple regions: Talent from across the country can participate in the same volunteer experience. Our locations >>
Ways to Get InvolvedA student teaches back what he's learned at a WOW!

Education is not a spectator sport

  • Teach an apprenticeship. Lead a team of middle-school students in a ten-unit course in your field of expertise.
  • Host an exploration to your office. Invite students over for an afternoon.
  • Serve as an expert panelist at a WOW!. Teach for an evening by giving feedback to students finishing their apprenticeships.
  • Attend a WOW! presentation. Watch apprentices argue a case or give financial advice, and make their learning authentic.