Curriculum Library


Teach students how to create a public service announcement.

Alternative Energy Vehicles

Teach students to design alternative energy vehicles.

Amazing Mazes

Teach students to create a maze using computer programming and to program a maze runner.

Ambition Musician

Teach students about songwriting!

Android App Design

Teach students to program mobile applications that run on android smart phones!

Baking Science

Teach the science of baking and how to cook a meal.

Beach: The Future of Food

Teach students about food and healthy, sustainable living.

Beautiful Girls

Teach students about positive body image and healthy lifestyles.

Brand You

Teach advertising and how to identify brands and markets.

Bringing Opportunities to Successful Students

Teach students investing terms and how to apply them in stock market scenarios.

Building Big

Teach students the principles of architecture.

Building the Next Big Tech

Teach students about making ideas into successful business ventures!


Teach students how to start and run their own small business.

Carbon Footprint

Teach students how to measure and reduce the carbon usage at their school.

Champions for Change

Teach students how to address common community issues.


Teach students chess strategies!

Children’s Book

Teach students how to create and publish a children’s book.

Children’s Book Writing

Teach students how to publish their own children’s book.


Teach students all about creating their own original comics!

Commonwealth v. Chrissie Snow

Teach students how to argue a mock trial with case materials developed by Discovering Justice.