Curriculum Library

Alternative Energy Vehicles

Teach students to design alternative energy vehicles.

Android App Design

Teach students to program mobile applications that run on android smart phones!

Baking Science

Teach the science of baking and how to cook a meal.

Building the Next Big Tech

Teach students about making ideas into successful business ventures!

Carbon Footprint

Students will learn about the way that human impact greatly affects our Earth, and they will learn lots of preventative and proactive strategies to minimize their footprint

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

Teach students to become young forensic scientists.


Teach students to become young laboratory scientists.

Dental Fundamentals

Introduce students to the science of dentistry and understanding the role of dentists in the society…

Design Thinking

Teach students to tackle real-world problems by thinking of innovative and out-of-the-box solutions!

Exploding Soda Science

Teach students to think like scientists!

Flying Together

Students will examine both the science and the business of aviation through hands-on experiments and team exercises. Students will create materials to share with the audience of the Science Fair WOW!

Generation Technology

Teach the fundamentals of electricity.

Greatest of All Time

Encourage students to debate a sports related question that interests them using statistics…

How Germs Cause Disease

Teach students about different forms of bacteria and how they spread disease.

Ice Scream, You Scream

Teach students the science behind their favorite foods.

Imagine Mars

Teach students to plan the first human settlement on Mars.

Indoor Air Quality

Teach students about indoor air pollution.

It IS Rocket Science

Teach students about physics and the challenges of space travel.

Junior Scientists

Students will learn about working in a lab and using bacteria in science experiments

Kids Capture Their Universe

Teach students how to capture images of the solar system.