The Citizen Schools National Teaching Fellowship is a booster shot of professional development that prepares you for careers in education, non-profit management, public policy and more—and exposes you to careers you may never have considered before.

Through a combination of in-person workshops, one-on-one coaching, and peer learning, Teaching Fellows build a 21st century skillset that extends from teaching to data analysis, from project management to cultural competency, from entrepreneurship to collaboration with diverse people.

  • Year-round training Beginning with Summer Institute, and continuing through pre-service training, and frequent in-services led by Citizen Schools experts and guest facilitators, Fellows bone up on topics like instruction, lesson planning, classroom management, and education reform. All training includes practice in front of peers and feedback and coaching from instructional leaders.
  • Peer learning At each partner school, a cohort of 10-30 Teaching Fellows and part-time School Support professionals share an office, adapt lesson plans together, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments, building a community of educators that is often cited as the most impactful aspect of the entire experience.
  • Professional development brings together groups of Fellows from all the Citizen Schools partners in a city every week to practice and develop techniques tailored to the needs of each team.
  • Evaluation and feedback provided informally(on a daily basis) and formally (five hour-long conversations each year) put each Fellow on a rapid growth trajectory that is tracked on an Instructional Rubric over the complete two years.