Serve Your Community by Teaching.

At the heart of the National Teaching Fellowship is the chance to perform national service. It’s an act of extraordinary citizenship that creates sustainable change.

All National Teaching Fellows are AmeriCorps members, performing intensive, paid community service in schools all around the country.

Working together to get things done: that’s the AmeriCorps motto, and it’s how we’re able to make a difference for students, families, and communities.

Join the more than 80,000 currently serving members and the 900,000 AmeriCorps alumni who have already turned their idealism into action with over a billion hours of national service.

Get an idea of what it's like to serve as a Teaching Fellow by clicking here.  Schedules may vary by region.

The AmeriCorps Teaching Fellowship: Strengthening Community

What does it mean to serve? It means working hard and putting the needs of others above yourself.

At Citizen Schools, it means doing whatever it takes to make sure kids stay focused on their dreams. Teaching Fellows work to solidify the networks in communities that allow students to keep their eye on the prize.

Completing national service through the National Teaching Fellowship with Citizen Schools means you get all the benefits of being both an AmeriCorps member and a part of a large non-profit organization.

Citizen Schools partners with AmeriCorps to create an attractive compensation package to support Teaching Fellows as they serve in our schools, including a living stipend, tuition grants, and comprehensive health care coverage.