Join the National Teaching Fellowship

How do Teaching Fellows create opportunity for young people?

Be a change agent. Teaching Fellows disrupt inequality by creating more just and equitable access to experiences, mentors and resources for their students. You’re not going to make a lot of money but you will make a lasting impact. Become part of the community you serve by building authentic relationships and empowering students and their families. Join a team of dedicated Teaching Fellows and partner school faculty to create an expanded learning day that will prepare the next generation of leaders.

What’s special about the Fellowship?

Be part of a national movement of over 1,000,000 AmeriCorps Service Members making a difference in their communities. Teaching Fellows receive a living stipend and are eligible for the Eli Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of $5,815 upon completion of each year of service that can be used to repay qualified student loans and/or future educational expenses. Serving with AmeriCorps is about getting things done - one person, family or school at a time.
Middle School
⅔ of students who drop out of high school do so in the 9th grade. Middle school students need leaders like you to engage and inspire them to think about their future. Invest your time when kids are growing at their fastest, emotionally and intellectually. Help ensure your students are on a path to success in college and beyond.
Campus Teams
Join a diverse team committed to social justice and doing whatever it takes to support the students and community you serve. Expect collaboration, professional development and support as you serve side by side with dedicated colleagues. Sharpen your leadership and advocacy skills as you manage projects, solve problems and balance a mix of responsibilities.
Project-based Learning
Teaching Fellows partner with experts from the community to create engaging, hands on projects. Students build critical thinking skills, deepen their interest in learning and explore potential career paths. The chance to apply math or literacy skills to solve a real world problem creates relevance for students at a time when many start to disengage from school.
Two Years
Your two year commitment enables authentic relationship building and fosters a level of consistency and trust needed to be most impactful. It also provides you with the opportunity for deeper professional development and self reflection.
Citizen Teachers (Community Connections)
Develop expertise in volunteer coordination to improve the relevance of what is taught and to help make learning more inspirational. You will engage and mobilize community volunteers, known as “Citizen Teachers”, who teach long term "apprenticeship" projects in their area of expertise. Topics range from coding, robotics and law to spoken word poetry, financial management and environmentalism.

Why do people choose the Fellowship?

A Day in the Life of a Teaching Fellow


Join the Fellowship to gain experience leading a classroom of students. Teaching Fellows in their second year can also choose to pursue teacher certification through one of our university or teacher certification partners.

Student Snapshot: Yeabsira & Nelson


Join the Fellowship to affect change in your local community by helping to bridge the gaps that severely limit opportunity for students living in lower income communities. You will build links between families, schools, volunteers and community resources.

Lessons Learned from the Experience


Join the Fellowship to grow your leadership skills, build a professional network, deepen your knowledge of urban education and to fast-forward your career by learning how to use your unique personal strengths.

Building Relationships, Closing Gaps


Join the Fellowship to promote equity, cultural awareness and inclusion in your community. Be a part of an organization and a team of passionate colleagues that work to break down barriers that are too present across our country.