Application Process

The National Teaching Fellowship is demanding, and so is the application process. There are multiple steps to our application, each of which allow us to identify candidates who possess the qualities that best prepare them to serve students in high need communities.

In the 2015-16 academic school year, we will mobilize a team of talented and driven Teaching Fellows to provide programming to over 5,000 students in 7 states across the country. Become a Teaching Fellow and join our efforts in helping all children to discover and achieve their dreams.

Apply to the National Teaching Fellowship today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for the National Teaching Fellowship?
To be eligible for the Fellowship, the following statements must be true about you:

  • I have completed at least 60 credit hours or its equivalent at an accredited college or university (according to the standard 1 credit hour, per hour spent in class per week).
  • I am a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Please note in order to serve with AmeriCorps you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. This condition does not extend to other employment opportunities with Citizen Schools.
  • I have worked or volunteered with children for 2+ months in a role which included core responsibilities such as mentorship, supervision, camp counselor, teaching, tutoring, coach, swim instructor, counseling individual students, or groups of students.

What is the application deadline?
Candidates will be selected on a rolling basis until all AmeriCorps service opportunities have been filled.

When can I expect to hear back?
You can expect to hear from us regarding the status of your application within one week of submitting your application.

If I’m not moving forward, will I still receive a response?
Yes. Once you have completed any step in the application process, a member of the Talent team will reach out to you within one week to let you know your status and whether or not you will be moving forward.

If you have additional questions, please contact a member of our team at 888-364-7734 (option 1), 9am – 5pm EST.

Steps in the Process

The following is an overview of our current application process with each step outlined in greater detail below.  Click on any of the steps in the diagram below to jump directly to that section for more information.

Application Workflow

Step 1. Online Application

What do I do during this step?

  • Submit your contact information, academic history and leadership experience.
  • Upload your resume (one page, PDF format strongly recommended)
  • Rank your top region(s) of preference:
  • Indicate your experience serving with AmeriCorps in the past. Candidates who have completed two years or fewer of national service are eligible to serve with us.
  • Complete an essay question that will help us to better assess your abilities to serve as a National Teaching Fellow working with students in high need communities, as well as your general alignment with our mission.
    • We will assess you use of language, as well as your familiarity with our mission and purpose.
  • Submit the application and look forward to hearing from us with any next steps.

Step 2. Phone Interview

What do I do during this step?

  • In preparation for this step, you will be invited to complete the VIA Strengths Assessment.
  • After completing the VIA, you’ll talk on the phone with a member of the Talent Team.
  • The phone interview will take approximately 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Come prepared to discuss your strengths results, as well as your previous experience, and your interest in Citizen Schools.

Special Notes:
You will have time at the end of the interview to ask questions, so make sure to bring prepared questions (or to even ask additional questions on the spot). This will show us that you are engaged, and will also help you get the most out of your interview experience.

Step 3. Final Interview

What do I do during this step?

  • If you are invited to participate in the Final Interview, you will be asked to follow a template in planning and adapting a lesson. Be prepared to present your lesson at your Final Interview.
  • Go through an interactive interview experience with members of the region in which you hope to serve.
  • You’ll also go through other exercises and conversations that will show us your knowledge of Citizen Schools, and how well you’ll fit into our Teaching Fellowship.

Special Notes:
Your interview will likely be conducted in person, but if you are further away and are unable to come in person, we can make special accommodations to conduct the interview virtually — just talk to your Talent Acquisition Consultant.

Step 4. Final Candidacy Review

What happens next?

All candidates will be notified of their candidacy upon completion of a Final Interview. Candidates who are recommended for admittance into the Fellowship, will be extended a preliminary offer to join the National Teaching Fellowship. The offer will not become formal until we have received:

  • A completed criminal background check (performed by Citizen Schools)
  • Official Transcript(s)
  • 2 Professional and 1 Personal Recommendation(s) (who you have known for 2+ years)

Please remember that you can contact us by phone at 888-364-7734 (option 1) with questions, or to discuss the status of your application at any time.

Citizen Schools has created a rigorous application process which aims to be respectful of your time and accomplishments. For more information on our commitment to candidates please review our Service Level Agreement. In all cases, we will move swiftly to evaluate the materials you submit and communicate regularly regarding the status of your application.

We wish you the best of luck. Thank you for your interest in the National Teaching Fellowship!