Campus Director

The Campus Director acts as the “principal” of the Citizen Schools’ program, supervising the National Teaching Fellows, Teaching Associates, and Citizen Teachers. Campus Directors also work closely with the public school principal, aligning program and school cultures, designing instructional strategies, and driving the achievement of academic outcomes.

Campus Directors are….

Instructional Leaders

  • Directly supervise instructional outcomes during the extended portion of the school day
  • Lead the instructional development of AmeriCorps volunteers and campus staff
  • Leverage data to better assess staff performance and academic progress to goals

Education Reformers

  • Advocates for closing the opportunity gap through an expanded learning day program model
  • Mobilizers of professionals able to challenge students through apprenticeships that build enthusiasm and cultivate an interest in learning

Relationship Builders

  • Integrates the Citizen Schools’ program model into a traditional public school environment working in tandem with the principal to promote alignment and collaboration
  • Builds strong partnerships between first shift teachers and school staff and the Citizen Schools’ team
  • Grows deep partnerships between parents and the school community that supports the operation of an extended day program