Expanded Learning Time Panel Discusses How Community Partners Can Make an Impact for Students

“Extended learning may be the only reason some young people come to school.” – Jonathan Brice, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, US Department of Education.

On May 19, the Center for American Progress (CAP) hosted a panel, All Hands on Deck: How Expanded Learning Time Schools and Community Partnerships Work Together to Improve Outcomes for Students, to discuss how expanded learning time (ELT) and community partnerships can create a positive impact for students and schools.

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Superpowers and School: Comics Empower Students to Academic Greatness

Would you choose super strength or the ability to turn invisible? Students at the Eagle Academy for Young Men in Newark, NJ carefully consider this and many other superpower-based questions. But for sixth-graders this January, the super hero alter egos they chose would affect the rest of their school year.

Thanks to a unique project called 12 Comics and the expanded learning time provided by Citizen Schools, this team was getting energized about learning through comic art. The superheroes now represent their school achievements, and the better they do in class, the more powerful they become.

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Video: HP Expands Students’ Worlds

On Tuesday, April 29, 250 people gathered at the elegant Carolands Chateau in Hillsborough, CA, for Citizen Schools California’s second annual gala, benefitEd. Citizen Schools California supporters and champions explored the halls of the exquisite chateau to see Bay Area middle school students showcase their Design Thinking projects, play with the android apps they created, and present the robots they built. The event celebrated the success of Citizen Schools students and honored our partnership with the HP Company Foundation.

Through our partnership with organizations like the HP Company Foundation, we are able to offer more engaging opportunities to students in the Bay Area. This video introduces us to HP’s dedicated volunteer teachers, who connect their passions for technology and photography to the dreams and aspirations of the Bay Area’s young minds.

Film Credits:
Director:Aaron Shadwell
Producer: Colin Stokes

Special Thanks:
Marlon Evans
Amika Guillaume
Sarah Partin
Alison Townley
Jim Vanides
Alumni, students and teachers at Cesar Chavez Academy

Citizen Schools + Google: A High-Impact Partnership

As the infographic below shows, Google and Citizen Schools have been working together deeply for eight years. Over 600 Googlers have volunteered their time to teach middle school students how to build robots, program video games, create mobile apps, and more. In no time students will be engineering Self-Driving Cars and design the next Google Glass. We are so thankful to the hundreds of Googlers who have joined our mission and inspired students to explore what excites them and dream of what their futures could look like.


At Citizen Schools annual gala,  A WOW! Affair, we will honor and celebrate this high-impact partnership. Claire Hughes Johnson (featured in the video above), Vice President of Google [X] and responsible for the futuristic Self Driving Cars division, will deliver the keynote remarks at the event, which will be held in Boston at the Museum of Science on April 30.

Boston-area Googlers are specially invited to celebrate! Click here to register.

To purchase your own tax-deductible tickets, visit

Learn more about Google’s partnership with Citizen Schools here.


NBC Education Nation: “Citizen Schools” showing success

NBC Education Nation

October 4, 2013

“Citizen Schools” Showing Success

Citizen Schools was featured on NBC’s national Education Nation series on Friday, October 4th showcasing the work and success of Citizen Schools. The segment includes interviews with Citizen Schools North Carolina Executive Director, Jake House, and Advisory Board Chair and long-time Citizen Teacher, John Gilson. Watch the video.