NBC Education Nation: “Citizen Schools” showing success

NBC Education Nation

October 4, 2013

“Citizen Schools” Showing Success

Citizen Schools was featured on NBC’s national Education Nation series on Friday, October 4th showcasing the work and success of Citizen Schools. The segment includes interviews with Citizen Schools North Carolina Executive Director, Jake House, and Advisory Board Chair and long-time Citizen Teacher, John Gilson. Watch the video.


Citizen Schools to Participate in American Graduate Day 2013!

Citizen Schools to Participate in “American Graduate Day 2013,” Live National Multiplatform Event to Keep Students on the Path to Graduation, Premieres September 28 on Public Television

Broadcast to Showcase Citizen Schools’ Efforts to Address the Needs of At-Risk Kids

This video will appear during Citizen Schools’ segment on American Graduate Day.

American Graduate Day 2013, will premiere live this fall, Saturday, September 28 from 12 noon- 7 pm EST on public media (check local public television station listings),  marking a long term commitment to helping communities tackle the nation’s dropout crisis and preparing students for success with a high school diploma. Through the power and reach of public media, communities across the county will be invited to take an active role and become an “American Graduate Champion for local youth by volunteering their time, talent, or other resources.

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Huffington Post Live: STEM Boost

Huffington Post Live

May 6, 2013

STEM Boost

This segment discusses science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) education and the importance of mentorship to US competitiveness which recently saw a boost from President Obama with initiatives like US2020.  The conversation included Eric Schwarz, Citizen Schools’ Co-Founder and CEO and US2020 Executive Chairman, Mark Greenlaw, Cognizant VP Sustainability & Educational Affairs and Citizen Teacher, Bill Nye, The Science Guy and The Planetary Society CEO, and Camsie McAdams, US Department of Education Senior Advisor on STEM Education. Watch the entire segment here.

US2020 and Citizen Schools’ apprenticeship model, particularly in the STEM fields, is also featured on the Huffington Post in Expanding the Definition of Who Teachers STEM, When and How.

VIDEO: What Did You Learn In The Teaching Fellowship?

After getting her Master’s in social work, Adriana Hernandez wanted to explore education reform and policy from within the classroom.

“I wanted to see an organization that worked in education reform, that was a successful organization that could serve as a model, and help me build a foundation for what I want to do when I grow up,” she says. “I really want to be a consultant or researcher, an analyst on education policy.”

The experience of being a Teaching Fellow at Dever-McCormack School in Boston has opened her eyes.

“It was great to get that opportunity to teach and to learn all the strategies behind teaching. I didn’t realize my teachers had plans when they were coming into to teach me when I was younger!”

The challenge has been daunting, but service has always been a core part of what she wanted from the experience. “We are in AmeriCorps, so we go above and beyond. We work a lot of hours. I’ve grown so much. I feel like whatever job I do next is going to be a piece of cake compared to what I did at Citizens Schools. To go that far in a year and a half is just awesome.”

Teach, serve, and grow with Adriana for the next two years–you’ll make a lifetime of difference.

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VIDEO: What Is The Key To Success In The Teaching Fellowship?

Justin Lawson doesn’t want to offend the other Teaching Fellows, but he does think he has an advantage some of them don’t have.

“I’m from the area. I see myself in the the kids I’m working with, using the same lingo. It’s just a great opportunity to give back to the community that I grew up in. I feel like they believe me a little bit more.”

He draws on his psychology and communication studies from the University of Hartford in the classrooms where he serves in Boston’s Irving Middle School.

“They have to believe that you believe in them to succeed. Build a relationship with your students. And it might not seem like it will happen this year, but later on they’re going to remember you and the opportunities that you gave them.”

He keeps that long view even as the daily challenge of inspiring students can be intense. “As the students are learning, I’m learning at the same time. It’s not like a one-way street, with me having to just teach and them to grow. It’s for both of us.”

Teach, serve, and grow with Justin for the next two years–you’ll make a lifetime of difference.

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