Middle School


Why Middle School Matters

The adolescent brain goes through a critical neurological transition during middle school years. Across the country, youth experience “achievement dips” during adolescence including drops in grades, test scores, attendance, and engagement. Despite the critical need for engaging students in middle school to get them on a path to success in high school and beyond, we see a lack of investment in proven interventions that support students during the middle schools years.

Citizen Schools focuses on the middle school years given how critical these years are to a child’s brain development, as well as to the development of necessary social-emotional skills.Citizen Schools aims to effectively set students’ sights on high school graduation and college matriculation, while building the 21st century skills, beliefs, and networks they will need to reach those goals. Read to learn more about these critical years in a student’s development.

Middle School and Public Policy

Citizen Schools supports policies and programs that explicitly target funding and high-quality interventions for middle school students.