College to Career Connections

Students pose in front of a college campus they're visiting

Middle school is not too early to think about college. Students who make informed choices about high school and course loads are much more likely to graduate from high school—and have a fair chance in the modern economy.

Citizen Schools integrates College to Career Connections into all program elements in order to instill the belief that all students can and will go to college and succeed—putting them on a track to make the most of high school.

  • Key standards and objectives develop college and career readiness, laying a foundation of excellent study habits and skills for students at an early age
  • Curricular units and resources include school navigation, student success habits, college knowledge and grades coaching
  • Builds a community of achievers and trains them for a habit of success
  • 6th and 7th graders gain college exposure
  • 8th graders participate in 8th Grade Academy, receiving individualized support to prepare for college pathway high schools