Growth Strategy

In the last four years Citizen Schools has:

  • Almost tripled the number of students it serves and more than doubled its organizational revenues
  • Concluded an intensive external evaluation that reported significant gains for its students
  • Launched a new independent evaluation
  • Opened programs in four new states
  • Built significant capacity for management, leadership, and sustainability in all seven states where it operates

Over the next four years, Citizen Schools will:

  • Partner with 20-25 schools that serve 10,000-12,500 students in 8-10 districts to adopt an Expanded Learning Time model
  • Commission a sophisticated independent evaluation that reports significantly positive results and validates Expanded Learning Time as an effective turnaround strategy
  • Demonstrate that ELT can be cost-effective, delivering significant gains in student learning and school performance, while relying primarily on re-purposing of existing K-12 education funds and requiring only modest new investments
  • Create conditions of success in the realms of policy and practice that will enable ELT to be implemented broadly and boldly as a leading strategy in the next generation of education reform

We invite you to invest in our growth—and join the movement to transform education.