Expanded Learning Time

A student in an expanded school day raises his hand

Why ELT Matters

ELT programs give schools the opportunity to re-imagine the school day and provide students with the time, enrichment, and instruction they need to meet today’s high academic standards. Schools that adopt expanded learning time significantly extend their schedules for all students by lengthening the school day, school year, or both.

Fueled in part by the success of a Massachusetts initiative that Citizen Schools played a role in, urban school districts like New York City and Chicago are adding more time to support struggling schools. States including California, Oklahoma, Alabama, Rhode Island, and Delaware are now exploring options for expanded learning time.

Citizen Schools convened school leaders who are partnering to deliver a longer school day for a two-day ELT Summit in July 2012.

ELT and Public Policy

Join us and support bills that call for a national ELT demonstration project. These bills would:

  • Fund ELT initiatives in schools, giving them the opportunity to comprehensively redesign and expand their schedules
  • Enrich the school curriculum by lending greater time to music and the arts, physical education, and other opportunities for well-rounded learning, such as internships, mentoring, and service learning
  • Target schools serving low-income students
  • Promote partnerships between schools and after-school programs to encourage broader learning opportunities that connect directly to school-day learning